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African American

Support for Women of Color

Connect with other women of color who have been diagnosed with cancer at our weekly support group held on Saturdays at 10 am at New Hope Baptist Church at 3701 Colorado Blvd.

This group offers both in-person and online support. For more information or to register, contact 303-724-1235.  

The Center for African-American Health

The Center for African American Health
3350 Hudson Street
Denver, CO 80207


"The Center for African American Health offers African American and Black Metro Denver communities culturally responsive resources that support them in overcoming the root causes of health problems so they can maximize their individual and family health.

The Center works toward health equity for the underserved African American community by offering culturally competent health education and outreach that empowers community members to overcome the root causes of health problems, maximize their own individual health and access health and support services."​

Black Women's Health Imperative


"With a broadened structure of national and local affiliated organizations and a change in name to the Black Women’s Health Imperative in 2002, the Imperative instituted aggressive national programs in health policy, education, research, knowledge and leadership development and communications to save and extend the lives of Black women. Presently, the organization continues to be dedicated to promoting physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being for the nation’s 19.5 million African American women and girls."

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