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Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance | www.Colo-OvarianCancer.org

1777 S. Bellaire Street, Suite 170 | Denver, Colorado 80222

303-506-7014  |  1-800-428-0642

Colorado Assistance

Sue’s Gift – Financial Assistance in Southern Colorado

Sue DiNapoli Ovarian Cancer Society


Contact Susan DiNapoli for more info: susan@beovaryaware.org

“The Sue's Gift financial aid program supplies grant money to women in Southern Colorado with ovarian cancer.  The grant money pays for medical expenses, prescriptions and health insurance deductibles. This program pays bills and does not give money directly to individuals.”



Ray of Hope Cancer Foundation
720.300.2095 (grant related inquiries)

“…We respond to the urgent needs of Coloradans with cancer by providing financial assistance with dignity and humanity. By giving unrestricted cash grants directly to cancer patients in treatment, we give them the freedom to use the gift however they see fit… we impose zero restrictions.”




The Seton Women’s Clinic at St. Joseph’s

1960 Ogden Street, Suite 340, Denver, CO  80205


M-F 8:30am -12:00pm and 1:30 -4:30pm

“Offers medical services to those without insurance in Colorado, utilizing resident licensed doctors-in-training.”



Salud Family Health Centers

“Salud operates nine community health clinics in Colorado and does not turn patients away based on a patient’s finances, insurance coverage, or ability to pay.” See Cancer Centers and Clinics for individual clinic contact information.