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Anti-Cancer: A New Way of Life

by David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD

“Combining memoir, concise explanation of what makes cancer cells thrive and what inhibits them, and drawing on both conventional and alternative ways to slow and prevent cancer, Anticancer is revolutionary. It is a moving story of a doctor's inner and outer search for balance; radical in its discussion of the environment, lifestyle, and trauma; and compelling and cautionary in its proposal that cancer cells lie dormant in all of us and that we all must care for the "terrain" in which they exist.”





Being Single, With Cancer

by Tracy Maxwell

“Diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer seven years ago, Tracy Maxwell understands the unique swirl of hopes and fears, insecurities and triumphs of a single person with cancer… Filled with practical tips, resources and personal stories, an empowering and candid guide to dealing with cancer as a single person.”





Books for a Cure.org

Fighting Cancer with Knowledge


“Hi, I’m Chelsea. I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer on my 21st birthday. I am now 24, living cancer free after surgery and chemotherapy. During my treatment I spent a lot of time with my nose in books reading about alternative healing practices. I credit my remission to these books and what I learned. Now, I want to share these books with you.”




Dying Well: Peace and Possibilities at the End of Life

by Dr. Ira Byock, M.D.

“Through the true stories of patients, [Dr. Ira Byock] shows us that a lot of important emotional work can be accomplished in the final months, weeks, and even days of life. It is a companion for families, showing them how to deal with doctors, how to talk to loved ones—and how to make the end of life as meaningful and enriching as the beginning.”




Embrace, Release, Heal

by Leigh Fortson

“Leigh’s powerful journey and the qualities she believes are necessary for healing cancer are the focus of this book. But it also includes many first-hand and intimate stories by others that explore the nature of cancer from a scientific, psychological, alternative and spiritual point of view.”




Full Catastrophe Living: Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness
by Jon Kabat-Zinn

“Based on Jon Kabat-Zinn’s renowned mindfulness-based stress reduction program [MBSR], this classic, groundbreaking work—which gave rise to a whole new field in medicine and psychology—shows you how to use medically proven mind-body approaches derived from meditation and yoga to counteract stress, establish greater balance of body and mind, and stimulate well-being and healing.”




Happiness in a Storm

by Wendy Harpham, M.D.

“Having coined the term “Healthy Survivor” while dealing with her own chronic lymphoma, Harpham encourages people dealing with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or any prolonged illness to simultaneously do all they can to overcome disease and live life to the fullest.”


How Doctors Think
by Jerome Groopman, M.D.

“Jerome Groopman pinpoints the forces and thought processes behind the decisions doctors make. Groopman explores why doctors err and shows when and how they can -- with our help -- avoid snap judgments, embrace uncertainty, communicate effectively, and deploy other skills that can profoundly impact our health.”




It Isn't Ugly Forever. A to-do list for fighting cancer

by Stacey A. Peterson

"You Have Cancer. Three words I hoped I would never hear. The day after I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, I started to wonder what I was supposed to do next. There is no how-to book. No YouTube video. So I coped the only way I knew how. Being a natural list-maker, I wanted to plan the steps I would take to get through cancer and try desperately each day to cross off something from my list."


Love is a Journey: Couples Facing Cancer

by Jan Latona, Ph.D. & Gary J. Stricklin, Ph.D

“The diagnosis of "cancer" is frightening enough for the patient. But the disease has a deep impact on the patient's partner and the couple's relationship as well. Life is not the same, and a new journey has begun.”




Mindfulness-Based Cancer Recovery

by Linda E. Carlson, PhD and Michael Speca, PsyD

“Created by leading psychologists specializing in oncology, the Mindfulness-Based Cancer Recovery program is based on mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), a therapeutic combination of mindfulness meditation and gentle yoga now offered to cancer survivors and their loved ones in hundreds of medical centers, hospitals, and clinics worldwide.“




Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir

by Karen Ingalls

“A story of survival reminding readers that disease is not an absolute, but a challenge to recover. Proceeds from each sale are donated directly to ovarian cancer research.”





Radical Remission

by Dr. Kelly A. Turner

“Kelly Turner, PhD is the New York Times bestselling author of Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds, now translated into 18 languages, which summarizes her research into the radical remission of cancer – when someone heals from cancer without Western medicine or after Western medicine has failed.”




Sex and Cancer (Intimacy, Romance, and Love after Diagnosis and Treatment)

Saketh R. Guntupalli, MD, and Maryann Karinch

Sex and Cancer is a superb resource for both patients and clinicians alike. Dr. Guntupalli masterfully tackles the complex implications for love and intimacy that are too often overlooked and underdiscussed when it comes to cancer. Regaining intimacy accelerates the path to regaining health and this book is an insightful, powerful guide to doing exactly that. (Bill Frist, MD, former U.S. Senate Majority Leader)


Sex and cancer, two topics each of which are difficult to discuss by alone. Combine them and the anxiety they cause may be insurmountable. Finally, there is a resource that is compassionate and practical for both the person coping with cancer and their loved one. This is a book that you will immediately find useful and refer back to on your cancer journey. Sex and Cancer has my highest recommendation. (Stan Goldberg, PhD, author of Loving, Supporting, and Caring for the Cancer Patient)


A diagnosis of cancer changes everything. Not only does cancer affect the body, but the disease and the treatments for it can take a toll on our most intimate relationships. Kudos to Saketh Guntapalli for shining a light on this important topic–for explaining the physiological underpinnings of these effects and for providing solutions that are often surprisingly simple to implement. (Claudia Cornwall, PhD, author of Battling Melanoma: One Couple’s Struggle from Diagnosis to Cure and Catching Cancer: The Quest for its Viral and Bacterial Causes)


This book contains critical information, too often omitted from doctor-patient discussions. It will be exceedingly helpful to any woman with gynecological cancer. (Carol L. Goldstein, RN, PhD, and ovarian cancer survivor)





The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen:
Nourishing, Big-Flavor Recipes for Cancer Treatment and Recovery

by Rebecca Katz

“This remarkable resource teaches patients and caregivers how to use readily available powerhouse ingredients to build a symptom- and cancer-fighting culinary toolkit. Blending fantastic taste and meticulous science, these recipes for soups, vegetable dishes, proteins, and sweet and savory snacks are rich in the nutrients, minerals, and phytochemicals that help patients thrive during treatment.”



The Definitive Guide to Thriving After Cancer
by Dr. Alschuler, and Karolyn Gazella

“With a deep and personal perspective, the authors embody what integrative medicine can do. Inspired by their individual and collaborative journeys through cancer, their mission is to encourage those diagnosed with cancer to become empowered, informed promoters of their own health and wellbeing. They urge patients diagnosed with cancer to not only survive the disease but to reach the ultimate level of healing.”




The Journey Through Cancer: Healing and Transforming the Whole Person

by Jeremy Geffen, M.D.

“…This groundbreaking work… offers real and inspiring solutions to the unique challenges encountered on the cancer journey, while honoring and caring for the whole person—and his or her entire family—at every step along the way.”




The Sugar Detox
by Brooke Alpert and Dr. Patricia Farris

“The Sugar Detox contains a comprehensive, one-month plan to wean readers of their sugar cravings. By eliminating sugar and incorporating small changes, people can lead a healthier lifestyle and look years younger.”



The Ultimate Guide to Ovarian Cancer

by Dr. Benedict B. Benigno, M.D.

“In this breakthrough book, Dr. Benedict B. Benigno offers a compassionate, easy-to-understand in-depth look into standard and out-of-the-box ovarian cancer treatments and a thorough examination of the basic science research that will eventually cause a revolution in the way all cancers will be treated.”




The Wandering Gene and the Indian Princess: Race, Religion and DNA

by Jeff Wheelwright

“Set in the isolated San Luis Valley of Colorado…. A vibrant young Hispano woman, Shonnie Medina, inherits a breast-cancer mutation known as BRCA1.185delAG. It is a genetic variant characteristic of Jews…. The discovery of the gene leads to a fascinating investigation of cultural history and modern genetics by Dr. Harry Ostrer and other experts on the DNA of Jewish populations.”




What Really Matters
by Karen M. Wyatt, M.D.

“By focusing attention on "what really matters" this book encourages the reader to embrace the suffering that occurs throughout life and utilize it as a catalyst for growth and change. The point is emphasized that through the negotiation of loss and suffering one's character is deepened and consciousness can be elevated… What Really Matters is a collection of stories from the files of a hospice physician that reveal the end-of-life wisdom of several dying patients and their families.”