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Palliative Care - after surgery & during treatment

★Palliative Care is for patients at ALL stages of treatment – both after surgery and during treatment

The Inpatient Palliative Care Program at University of Colorado Health

by Univ. of Colorado Health

“Palliative care is the medical specialty focused on relief of pain, stress, and other debilitating symptoms of serious illness. The goal is to improve quality of life for you and your family.”


The Inpatient Palliative Care Program at Univ. of Colorado Health helps you by:

  • Identifying the full spectrum of physical, spiritual, and psychological care options available to you

  • Matching your goals and values to a customized care plan

  • Enhancing curative care with improved symptom control and relief

  • Empowering you and your family to make fully informed choices

  • Supporting all involved in the process, from diagnosis through grief.


NIH Booklet – Chemotherapy and You

Chemotherapy and You is written for you—someone who is about to receive or is now receiving chemotherapy for cancer. Your family, friends, and others close to you may also want to read this book. This book is a guide you can refer to throughout your chemotherapy treatment. It includes facts about chemotherapy and its side effects and also highlights ways you can care for yourself before, during, and after treatment.”

“Whether you're preparing for your chemotherapy journey or managing the side effects, we have the information you need...every step of the way.”

“Find the latest information about chemotherapy drugs including how they work, their potential side effects, and self-care tips while on these therapies.”


Make a Belly Buddy

Abdominal surgery might leave you feeling like you need a little extra support! Make a “Belly Buddy” to hold against your tummy when you are getting up and down from a chair or bed. You’ll need a thin bath-sized towel and duct tape. (1) Fold the towel in thirds lengthwise; (2) Now fold it in fourths; (3) Wrap the duct tape around the folded towel lengthwise - be generous with the tape; (4) Wrap the duct tape around the towel in the other direction. You should now have a fairly firm but slightly flexible pillow of sorts to hold against your tummy!


Smooth Move Tea

“Best taken at bedtime, sip and sleep easy knowing you’ll be right as rain in the morning.”

Who to See for Post Surgery and Chemo Rehabilitation


N2 Physical Therapy

Pelvic floor issues can be a side effect of pelvic surgery. Physical therapy can be an effective treatment for bowel and bladder dysfunction. The team at N2 Physical Therapy can help. They have experience in oncology and pelvic floor rehab with offices in Boulder, Centennial, and Denver.


Call 303.954.8423 (Boulder) or 720.389.8730 (Centennial) or 303.954.8423 (Uptown Denver).



Oncology Rehab

“The practitioners at Oncology Rehab recognize the importance of comprehensive, rehabilitative care during and after cancer treatment. They have targeted their focus on oncology-based therapy programs; Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy cancer rehabilitation programs designed specifically for patients with all types of cancer diagnoses, in all phases of treatment. Oncology Rehab is a national leader in oncology rehabilitation and you will find the advanced knowledge and skills required to create a unique, specific, individual treatment plan.”

4545 E 9th Ave #160, Denver, CO 80220 


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