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Integrative/Complementary Care

Finding Your Own Path

There is no predetermined path to take when it comes to using complementary therapies with medical treatment for ovarian cancer. Each person has a different set of challenges and may seek different avenues. There are many integrative cancer care clinics, practitioners and therapists in Colorado - too numerous to list in this directory. You can use these resources as a guideline and check with your nearest cancer center to see what they offer.

Complementary/Integrative vs. Alternative

  • Complementary/Integrative medicine & therapies are used with standard medical treatment for cancer.

  • Alternative medicine & therapies are used instead of standard medical treatment for cancer.

For information on complementary/integrative medicine, check out the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH):

National Cancer Institute (NCI)

University of Colorado Hospital - The Center for Integrative Medicine (TCFIM)

3055 Roslyn Street Suite 250 Denver, CO, 80238


“The Center for Integrative Medicine (TCFIM) at University of Colorado Hospital in metro Denver offers physician-managed care that emphasizes the wellness and healing of the entire person. The professional practitioners at TCFIM will partner with each other, your other health care providers at UCHealth (physicians, nurse practitioners, physician therapists, and other members of your health care team), and any outside providers to help you get the most out of both Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and conventional care.”  Services include: Oncology Massage and Acupuncture, Chiropractic Care, Chronic Pain, Herb and Supplement Consultations, Massage Therapy, Mind-Body Therapy, Nutritional Counseling, Spiritual Counseling.

Boulder Community Hospital - Foothills Campus - Center for Integrative Care

Tebo Family Medical Pavilion - 4715 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80303
For an appointment call the Patient Services Coordinator at: 303.415.7292

“The Center for Integrative Care, located in the Tebo Family Medical Building on the Foothills Medical Campus, provides... care for the person with cancer during and after active cancer treatment… Additionally, our complementary care treatments… are available for the benefit of family members and other caregivers of those with cancer. Massage, reflexology and healing touch are also offered in the chemo infusion area. Our staff consists of experienced, oncology-trained, certified and licensed practitioners, trained in safe, evidence-based complementary care practices but also having thorough knowledge of conventional cancer treatment. We can bill your insurance company if you have any of these treatments as a covered benefit. “


Denver - Progressive Health Center
Partnerships with: Swedish Medical Center, Rose Medical Center, Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center, and Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers

Main office: 1601 E. 19th Ave. Suite 3025, Denver, CO 80218
Contact to make an appointment:, 303.788.9399

“Our complementary and alternative therapies are designed to heal and strengthen the mind, body, spirit and emotions of individuals who are living with neurological disorders, chronic illnesses or other day-to-day challenges. Personalized treatment plans are developed for each individual, based on their particular health needs, challenges and goals, as well as the recommendations of referring physicians. All services and treatments are provided by experienced, qualified practitioners, who work together to monitor each individual’s progress and to refine treatment plans as needed to ensure the best possible outcome and results. With our clients’ consent, information and progress reports are shared with referring physicians. Therapies offered include: Acupuncture, Craniosacral Therapy, Reflexology, Therapeutic Massage, Yoga, Tai Yi, Nutrition, Meditation, Personal Training, Emotional Counseling, and Pain Management.”

Edwards, CO (near Vail) - Wellness Services at Shaw Regional Cancer Center

322 Beard Creek Rd, Edwards, CO 81632  

970.569.7645 or 970.569.7429

“As part of Shaw's commitment to treating the body, as well as the mind and spirit, our integrative services are designed to help patients cope with the cancer experience and improve their overall sense of well-being.”


Ft. Collins - The Wellness Place at UC Health
2121 E. Harmony Road, Suite 150, Fort Collins, Colorado 80528

970.237.7700 or 970-237-7860

“Our well-rounded cancer program does more than treat the disease inside your body. We understand that cancer affects every area of your life. The Wellness Place provides options that can help during all stages of cancer, from prevention to active treatment to palliative care to survivorship. Care is provided by certified oncology experts…The services offered at The Wellness Place are available to anyone receiving cancer care with UCHealth.”


Grand Junction - Integrative Therapies & Classes at St. Mary’s Medical Center
2635 North 7th Street  Grand Junction, Colorado 81501

“Being well is about more than keeping our bodies healthy or undergoing clinical treatment for our illnesses.  Because we believe we must care for the entire person, St. Mary's Regional Cancer Center offers a variety of support and educational programs for people living with cancer and those who love them.  Supportive programs have been shown to help reduce fatigue, worry, and sleeplessness, so you can return to wellness sooner.


Wheat Ridge - Lutheran Medical Center - Bridges Integrative Health Services

8098 West 38th Avenue, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033


“Our massage, chiropractic and acupuncture services can be helpful for a variety of health conditions. Whether you are feeling excess stress, muscle or joint pain, or any number of other ailments, the holistic therapies offered at Bridges can help to treat or manage your condition. These therapies are highly versatile and focus on healing the whole person, not just the illness.” Classes also include Stress Relief and Aromatherapy.



National Integrative Care


The Chopra Center – Integrative Oncology
To schedule an appointment or learn more, call: 760-494-1639

“If you have been diagnosed with cancer, an Integrative Oncology consultation can help you approach your condition and treatment from an integrative, holistic point of view. An integrative consultation is intended for patients who are currently under the care of an allopathic cancer treatment team and want the added support of a medical doctor who is an expert in Integrative Oncology. A 60-minute Integrative Oncology Consultation is $395.”

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