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Nicki’s Circle Gynecologic Cancer Information and Support Groups
A program of the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance

Overview of Nicki's Circle

  • Nicki's Circle Gynecologic Cancer Information & Support Groups have served hundreds of survivors monthly in Colorado since 2005.

  • The groups are open to anyone who has battled this disease and to their caregivers. At meetings, information is exchanged about gynecologic cancer, current medical research, and how survivors can effectively advocate for obtaining the best health care possible.

  • This is also a place to share the emotional ups and downs of living with a diagnosis a gynecologic cancer.

  • Nicki's Circle support groups meet monthly in person and by phone, reaching survivors across Colorado.

  • All groups are held via Zoom, with one monthly group in-person group held in Southwest Denver.

  • All groups are free of charge and are facilitated by a healthcare professional. More information about Nicki's Circle and meeting times can be found on our website: Wellness & Emotional Support | Colorado Gyn Cancer (

  • Please reach out to or 720.519.3122 before attending a group for the first time. 


For locations and schedules see:

Wellness & Emotional Support | Colorado Gyn Cancer (

Please find more information about Nicki's Circle here and reach out to 720.519.3122 or to register for your first meeting.

Nicki’s Circle at Skyridge

Skyridge Medical Center in Lone Tree 
Second Wednesday of the month, 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm.
Facilitated by Licensed Professional Counselor staff members

Nicki’s Circle Young Survivor Support Group

Young Survivor Support Group

CGCA partners with the Young Survivors Group: GET + TOGETHER, that meets the first Thursday evening of the month at a local restaurant. (A young survivor is someone under 40 years of age). We can add you to the email list for monthly reminders.


To learn more, contact: Melissa Gilstrap (AdventHealth Parker, Rocky Mountain - Genetic Counselor Lead) at 303.269.4348 (office) or 303.521.2650 (cell) and at

Gynecologic Cancer: Individual Support Program

We are available to talk with you individually by the phone about the emotional challenges of being diagnosed, of going through treatment, and adjusting to life after treatment. Our “professional mentors” are master’s level counselors and/or Licensed Professional Counselors trained as a part of our Individual Support Program.


This program offers four complimentary 50-minute phone meetings, designed to assist you through the challenges of diagnosis and treatment. The topics of the one to four sessions can vary and will be based on your need for support with gynecologic cancer. Topics can include but are not limited to: anxiety related to scan and blood test, illness-based depression, fear of recurrence, intimacy issues, treatment options, resources, relationships, and communication.

Please note: This is not meant to be a replacement for mental health psychotherapy. In those situations, we can provide a resource list with referrals for local therapists.


To get started, please visit our website here

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