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What is a PARP Inhibitor?

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Science Illustrated  

Published on Nov 17, 2016

“Just like normal cells, cancer cells have ways of repairing damage that occurs to them. In this episode of Science Illustrated we discuss one way, scientists are able to attack some cancers by preventing cancer cells from repairing themselves.”


PARP-inhibitors: A New Generation of Cancer Drugs

First of new generation of cancer drugs granted European approval

“A new drug for ovarian cancer, developed by researchers at the University of Cambridge and AstraZeneca, has become the first of new class of drugs, known as PARP-inhibitors, to be granted approval anywhere in the world..”


PARP Inhibitors and Ovarian Cancer

Memorial Sloan Kettering


PARP Inhibitor Side Effect Management in Ovarian Cancer

OncLiveTV, Published 2018

“Angeles Alvarez Secord, MD, reviews the side effects associated with the various PARP inhibitors and how they are managed. Michelle Berke, a patient of Dr. Secord’s, shares her experiences while on therapy.”



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