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Food Assistance Resources

Meal Train

“ simplifies the organization of meal giving around significant life events. We strive to simplify and promote interpersonal relationships between friends, families, and neighbors through meals. A Meal Train is rooted in the idea that a meal is a symbolic gesture of one person’s willingness to help another. The meal is a vehicle that allows the giving party the opportunity to show they care, that they hope to reduce a burden, and they will be there for the receiving party in the future. This outreach is a true interpersonal connection and is one that helps foster inter-dependence, dialogue, and compassion.

How to create a Meal Train: “Identify a friend who could use a little support and enter their name, email address, and where to drop off meals. Enter the dates meals would be helpful. Enter your friend’s food likes, dislikes, allergies, and the best time to drop off a meal. Invite friends, family, congregation members via email, Facebook, twitter, newsletters, and more. Invited friends respond to the invitation, sign up for a date, and take a meal.”


Project Angel Heart

Denver Headquarters: 4950 Washington St., Denver, CO  80216.   303.830.0202.  

Colorado Springs Office: 620 S. Cascade Ave, Ste 100. Colo. Springs, CO 80903. 



“A current diagnosis of a life-threatening illness such as cancer… AND documented difficulty preparing or accessing healthy meals due to your illness treatment, side effects or another disability. You must also live in the metro Denver area or Colorado Springs. If you live outside of these boundaries, you can make alternate delivery arrangements such as picking up your meals at Project Angel Heart, or setting up delivery to a friend or family member who lives within the boundaries. We do not qualify based on age or income.”

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