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Patients with cancer that practice yoga regularly find their quality of life and the complications of their emotional and physical states drastically improve. Yoga has the ability to reduce the psychological stress caused by one’s diagnosis as well as helping manage the physical symptoms and side effects of treatment.


"Our evidence informed Oncology Yoga method and training programs provide the education, support and advocacy so that cancer patients and survivors achieve the exercise guidelines in safe and effective ways.

yoga4cancer is designed to help cancer survivors achieve the oncology and healthcare organization recommendation to speed recovery or defend against cancer reoccurrence."

Yoga4Cancer offers free virtual classes, click here to register:


“Yoga therapy adapts the practice of Yoga to the needs of people with specific or persistent health problems not usually addressed in a regular group class. Yoga therapy can assist with many problems, including: addressing long-standing muscle tension and chronic pain; recovering from injury; dealing with depression and anxiety; transforming grief; recovering from cancer and cancer treatments; managing stress, including PTSD.”

Laura Kupperman – Yoga for Survivors®
“If you are currently going through cancer treatment or know someone who is still trying to get their life (and body!) back after treatment has ended, you’ve come to the right place… The Yoga for Survivors® program … mission is to share the healing path of yoga with cancer survivors worldwide by providing safe, accessible classes to survivors of any type of cancer, at any stage of recovery.” See website for list of teachers in various Colorado locations.


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