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Local Colorado Authors

Althea Re-Balances her Life:
The emotional challenges one survivor faces after chemo for Ovarian Cancer

by Annette McElhiney

“This short colorful booklet illustrates the ‘roller coaster life’ cancer survivors are on after completing chemo. Feelings are often illustrated through the paintings of Althea in various predicaments. Annette reveals that it is ‘ok’ to be angry but one also needs to see oneself in an objective way. She hopes to unveil the feelings of cancer survivors and to help them cope. All royalties support ovarian cancer research.”


Chasing Rainbows: My Triumph over Ovarian Cancer

by Luci Berardi

“My intention? To provide fellow cancer fighters with the weapons of hope and alternative therapies after diagnosis and during and after active treatment. We all want hope - to beat this disease, to go back to our once ‘normal’ life, and not die. We are all frightened, and the unconditional caring and hope we feel among other fighters and survivors will provide a source of comfort. My search ranged from conventional medicine, alternative therapies and the Spiritual.  In the end, I found they all played an essential role in my successful campaign to become, and remain once again, cancer-free.”


Dancing Joyfully, With or Without NED: A Blueprint using Art to Survive Ovarian Cancer

by Annette McElhiney

“This colorful booklet combines the healing journey of Annette Bennington McElhiney, diagnosed with stage IIIC ovarian cancer, with poems of Emily Dickenson and her own original paintings… The acronym NED (no evidence of disease) is a goal for which every survivor strives. However, enjoying life either with or without disease is the basic message of this booklet.”


Remarkably Stable

by Susan Parrino Hester

“On the brink of the second recurrence of her cancer, Sue believed she wouldn't live very much longer and began writing her memoir for her daughter. As Sue wrote her early stories, she saw parallels between her childhood traumas and her cancer journey. As Sue wrote her early stories, she saw parallels between her childhood traumas and her cancer journey. This memoir courageously weaves together periods in the author's early and later life, as well as her struggles to find stability and healing.”

Sex and Cancer (Intimacy, Romance, and Love after Diagnosis and Treatment)

Saketh R. Guntupalli, MD, and Maryann Karinch

"When the diagnosis is one of gynecologic or reproductive cancer for a woman, questions of sexual intimacy and function often color relationships, confuse partners, and raise concerns that other cancers might not. Readers will find insight, comfort, and suggestions for addresses the questions about intimacy and sexual function that are often left unexpressed."

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