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Fertility Support

Fertile Hope

2201 E. Sixth Street, Austin, Texas 78702

(cancer support line) 855-844-7777

“Fertile Hope is a national LIVESTRONG® initiative that provides reproductive information, support and hope to cancer patients and survivors whose medical treatments may increase the risk of infertility.”


Fertile Action

PO Box 3526, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266-1803

“Fertile Action is working to ensure that every woman touched by cancer realizes her dream of motherhood. Fertile Action also provides general and financial information regarding fertility preservation and treatment.”

The University of Colorado (UC) Advanced Reproductive Medicine Centers

Denver Clinic: 3055 Roslyn St., Room 230, Denver, CO 80238  


Colo. Springs Clinic: 4125 Briargate Parkway, #350, Colo. Springs, CO 80920   719.314.3333

“Cancer treatment may affect your ability to have a child naturally.  The UC Advanced Reproductive Medicine Center provides comprehensive information and support for those seeking options for preserving fertility or for those seeking assistance post cancer treatment.” Please call 303-724-8089 to speak to a member of the Oncofertility team.

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