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COCA Support Programs

COCA offers support programs to help women and caregivers through the ovarian cancer journey.

COCA Connections

Please fill out the electronic form on our website or call Katlyn at 720-724-8612 to have a conversation with one of our staff about the programs listed below and what might be a good fit for you. 


Individual Support Program

COCA Connections also offers four individual support/counseling sessions for women to begin working through some of the difficulties and trauma related to an ovarian cancer diagnosis.


Nicki’s Circle Informational Support Groups and Peer Mentor Program
Reaching women across Colorado, every month COCA offers informational support groups at various Colorado locations including:  Central Denver, Littleton, Boulder, Ft. Collins, Aurora, and by telephone. COCA can also help match you with a survivor from Nicki’s Circle for individual peer support.


COCA.Cares Financial Assistance Program

COCA offers a financial assistance program that helps women in Colorado who are experiencing financial hardship while in treatment for ovarian cancer.


COCA Comfort Kits for newly diagnosed

COCA provides a kit of helpful items for women newly diagnosed and in treatment, including a copy of this Resource Guide.


Colorado Ovarian Cancer Resource Guide

COCA publishes this Resource Guide as a support service to survivors statewide. Available here, as well as in Print


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