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Tips For A Survivor

Part I - Ovarian Cancer: A Survivor Speaks


Relationships with Family and Friends After a Cancer Diagnosis: Melissa’s Story

CGCA, Published 2018

“Melissa Michaels was diagnosed with fallopian tube ovarian cancer in March 2017. She discusses the impact of her cancer diagnosis on the people in her life as she navigated her way through her diagnosis.”


Steps to Ovarian Cancer Survivorship: Sex And Intimacy After the Diagnosis

STLOvarian, Published Nov. 2014

“In 2014 St. Louis Ovarian Cancer Awareness… put on an ovarian cancer survivors course entitled, “Steps to Ovarian Cancer Survivorship." The purpose of the sessions are to help women with ovarian cancer and their caregivers understand key issues related to their diagnosis such as risk factors…sexuality and other quality of life issues…”


Self-Advocacy During Cancer Treatment

CGCA, Published Nov. 2018

“Marcy Newman has been in and out of treatment for ovarian cancer since 2014. While she recognizes the importance of relying on medical professionals for their expertise, she also believes we should be our own self-advocates in this journey, even if that sometimes means questioning..”

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