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Arts for Healing

N.E.D. - A Rock Band with A Mission

The band, N.E.D., is a unique band of six gynecologic oncology surgeons from across the country who is taking healing and the arts to a new level. N.E.D. has started a powerful creative awareness movement to give a voice to women affected by gynecologic cancers.

N.E.D. (No Evidence of Disease) are the words every cancer patient wants to hear. The cornerstone of N.E.D.’s mission is education and awareness. They have released two albums of original music that have received critical acclaim. Their songs are designed to empower women, give them hope and to break the silence surrounding gynecologic cancers.

Journal Therapy

Journaling is a way cancer patients can care for themselves. Writing down thoughts, emotions, and experiences gives the person the opportunity to work out their feelings and helps them relax in order to find reasons to be happier and more hopeful about the future.

There are different methods of journaling such as gratitude journaling, blogging, art journaling, etc. Find time to journal for yourself and allow yourself to pour out your thoughts in writing.

Journaling your way through cancer | MD Anderson Cancer Center



Story telling is a way to express verbally or through writing, a story that reflects a person's life journey. Patients with cancer can use storytelling to help them define themselves, their experiences, world and relationship to life. It provides the opportunity to express rather than repress feelings about their cancer journey along with enhance well-being and reduce emotional stress. Storytelling can also be a way to connect patients with their loved ones, caregivers and anyone impacted by this disease.

Storytelling for Cancer Patients : Jeannine Walston


The mission of this nonprofit organization is to support emotional healing through art to those living in pain, grief, fear or stress. This is done by providing abstract art workshops to support emotional wellbeing. Patients living with cancer can use this form of art as a way to give their pain a voice through self-expression.


"Art4Healing® Online courses bring the Art4Healing® workshops to you and into the privacy of your home. Easy pricing and convenient online courses means you can experience the Art4Healing® abstract art exercises at your own pace, whenever you like."

Music Therapy

“Music therapy is defined by the American Music Therapy Association as ‘…the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional…”


Lilly Oncology on Canvas

“There are millions of untold cancer stories happening every day. In 2004, Lilly Oncology, the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS), and members of the global cancer community came together to launch Oncology on Canvas®, an art competition that gives people living with cancer—and those who care for them—a way to tell their stories through creativity and bring comfort and support to others by sharing their cancer journeys.”

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