Arts for Healing

N.E.D. - A Rock Band with A Mission.
“A unique band of six gynecologic oncology surgeons from across the country… N.E.D. or ‘No Evidence of Disease’, are the words every cancer patient wants to hear…. Their songs are designed to empower women, give them hope and to break the silence surrounding gynecologic cancers.”

Journal Therapy

“Writing in a journal is an effective way to handle… emotions that living with cancer has triggered. Often people facing a serious illness find it difficult to express their feelings to others. Some aren’t used to revealing their emotions. Others feel a need to be strong for the sake of the people around them... Journal writing empowers us to express our difficult feelings is a safe and private way. It allows you to come to terms with cancer at your own pace and in your own way. Your journal is always there to receive your thoughts and feelings.”





“There are so many reasons and many ways to tell your story about your life with cancer, if you choose to. For our parts, we have found it to be an important part of our healing…”

“Art4Healing® Online courses bring the Art4Healing® workshops to you and into the privacy of your home. Online Courses are taught by Laurie Zagon, Founder and Executive Director of Art & Creativity for Healing Inc. Easy pricing and convenient online courses means you can experience the Art4Healing® abstract art exercises at your own pace, whenever you like.’


Music Therapy

“Music therapy is defined by the American Music Therapy Association as ‘…the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional…”


Lilly Oncology on Canvas

“There are millions of untold cancer stories happening every day. In 2004, Lilly Oncology, the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS), and members of the global cancer community came together to launch Oncology on Canvas®, an art competition that gives people living with cancer—and those who care for them—a way to tell their stories through creativity and bring comfort and support to others by sharing their cancer journeys.”