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Colorado Gynecologic Cancer Alliance (CGCA) 

We know that receiving a gynecologic cancer diagnosis can be a scary and challenging experience, and we are here to support you through the journey. We have dedicated staff, exceptional volunteers, and a community of women who have gone through, or are still going through, the challenges of dealing with this disease. We are here for you through all stages of gynecologic cancer. 

We have so much information and resources to share with you. Visit our website for comprehensive information on our resources and programs. 

Thanks to everyone at the Colorado Gynecologic Cancer Alliance (formerly Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance) for all your hard work helping those with gynecologic cancer and getting the word out to raise awareness. Finally, a special thanks to the survivors of Nicki’s Circle who continually bring new ideas and resources to the support group and share their combined wisdom with everyone. You are the heart of this organization.

While we have tried to include many listings, we were unable to include everything. Please forgive any important omissions or errors, and contact us if you have any corrections: 303.506.7014.

Thank you!


This resource guide is dedicated to all the those who have gone

before, who have learned from each other

and shared their knowledge.

May their efforts light the path . . .

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