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Support for Families & Children

Hope for Two - The Pregnant With Cancer Network

Mailing address: PO Box 253, Amherst, NY  14226.  

Phone number: 800.743.4471.  


“Hope for Two...The Pregnant with Cancer Network offers free support for women diagnosed with cancer while pregnant. We connect women who are currently pregnant with cancer with other women who have experienced a similar cancer diagnosis.”

Online email form:


American Cancer Society – Helping children when a family member has cancer

Phone number: 800.227.2345


“When someone they know has cancer, children might go through periods of uncertainty. When they lose a loved one to cancer, children of all ages go through grief, sadness, and despair, even though the process might look different from that in adults. Learn how to help children cope with changes in their lives and how to cope with the death of a loved one.”



Hopeline: 800.813.4673 (Hope)


“CancerCare offers free telephone counseling and support to parents who have been diagnosed with cancer. To speak with an oncology social worker for more information about finding the right type of support for your child based on his/her unique needs, call our Hopeline.’

Kids Alive – Support for Children of Parents with Cancer

at Porter Hospital - 2525 South Downing Street, Denver, Colorado 80210

For more info contact one of the group facilitators:
Lorraine Hart, PhD, Co-Director, 303.985.4585,

Julie Guy, Co-Director, 303.765.3811,

“A unique and invaluable program offered at no charge to any family where a parent is dealing with a cancer diagnosis. The program is supported completely by private donations, grants and Porter Adventist Hospital. Goals & Objectives:  to provide a safe, helpful environment for children of cancer patients to express their feelings; to create a place for a child to be a child… to experience fun, support and continuity of life… apart from catastrophic illness; to facilitate a better relationship between cancer patients and their families, reducing guilt and anxiety in children; to help parents interpret their children’s behavior as adaptive to the trauma in the family and improve communication in the family; to develop awareness of resources for both parents and children.”

Camp Kesem

“Kesem is a nationwide community, driven by passionate college student leaders, that supports children through and beyond their parent’s cancer. Camp Kesem operates free summer camps for children who have been touched by a parent's cancer.”


“While many call Camp Kesem the best week of the year, we know we can serve families in more ways. That’s why we also offer free year-round services.”

“The children we serve have the chance to reunite outside of camp at least twice a year to have fun and support each other. We also provide different touch points throughout the year that keep the Kesem magic alive until camp begins again!”


Colorado State University

Point of Contact: Gabbi O'Connell at

Mailing Address: 8033 Campus Delivery, Fort Collins, CO 80523

Camp Kesem Address: 21441 N Elbert Rd, Elbert, CO, 80106


University of Colorado at Boulder


Point of Contact: Gabbi O'Connell at

Mailing Address: 2480 Kittredge Loop Dr #913 Boulder, CO 80305

Camp Kesem Address: 8828 Co Rd, Florissant, CO, 80816

See the more information about the Camp Kesem programs in Colorado here



Phone number: 720.941.0331

Address: Judi’s House 10125 East 25th Avenue Aurora, CO 80010

“Judi’s House is a community-based nonprofit bereavement center for children and families with the vision that no child should be alone in grief.

In order to achieve this vision, Judi’s House is committed to providing comprehensive grief care services for bereaved youth and families at Judi’s House as well as in school- and community-based settings throughout Metro Denver. These vital services are delivered at no cost to families thanks solely to philanthropic support.

“Judi’s House is also committed to contributing to knowledge that helps identify and meet the needs of the bereaved everywhere. In 2014, Judi’s House launched JAG Institute (named in memory of Brian’s mother, Judith Ann Griese) as a center for learning, focused on expanding the evaluation, research, and training opportunities necessary to share successful bereavement programs.

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