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Support Other Survivors

Sometimes helping others is a good way to help oneself. As an ovarian cancer survivor, your experience can be of benefit to someone newly diagnosed, to someone who wants to talk to a fellow survivor or in recurrence, to a healthcare professional or a medical researcher. Your participation in helping may truly make a difference in another person’s life. If you are an ovarian cancer survivor and feel you are ready to talk about your experience, please consider telling your story and getting the word out.


Become A Mentor:  1-To-1 Peer Support Program


The Nicki’s Circle 1-to-1 Support Program matches a woman with a new or recurrent diagnosis of ovarian cancer seeking 1-to-1 support with an ovarian cancer survivor from one of COCA’s Nicki’s Circle support groups. Through this program, Colorado women seeking 1-to-1 support can find a safe peer mentor relationship with a volunteer who understands the experience of an ovarian cancer diagnosis. Volunteer mentors are recruited for this program through Nicki’s Circle Support Groups. The volunteer participation of women who have attended Nicki’s Circle is key to this program. They bring a foundation of knowledge and familiarity with both the ovarian cancer experience and COCA programs. Contact us for more information on being matched with a volunteer peer mentor.” For more information contact Katlyn at COCA.

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