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Peer Mentor Support Program

Contact Katlyn Von Muenster, LPC COCA Navigator 720.724.8612

  • The Nicki's Circle 1-to-1 Support Program matches a woman with a new or recurrent cancer diagnosis seeking 1-to-1 support with a survivor from Nicki's Circle support group who battled the same type of cancer.

  • Through this program, Colorado women seeking 1-to-1 support can find a safe peer mentor relationship with a volunteer who understands the experience of a gynecologic cancer diagnosis.

  •  Volunteer mentors are recruited for this program through Nicki's Circle Support Groups. The volunteer participation of women who have attended Nicki's Circle is key to this program. They bring a foundation of knowledge and familiarity with both the gynecologic cancer experience and COCA programs.

  • Contact us for more information on being matched with a volunteer peer mentor.

For more information:

Request a 1-on-1 peer mentor here: 

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